Darby           Wilcox

The legend of Darby Wilcox begins many years ago deep in the darkest corners of the wilderness. We know very little about Darby’s true origins, but upstate SC is lucky enough to currently be called “home” by the singer/songwriter. Darby has always expressed herself through her music, and with influences like Cat Power, Radiohead, and Elliot Smith, her real story has always been told through song.


Darby has struck chords not only as an impressive solo artist, but also as a band leader. Her solo performances and recordings offer a unique window into the soul of this artist, but things get a little more rambunctious when she is accompanied by her band of misfits she lovingly refers to as “The Peep Show”. In either incarnation, Darby Wilcox is an outstanding performer with one hell of a story to tell…

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